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Secure payment

You can pay for your order on our site:

By credit card :


To pay for your order on our site, you can use the following credit cards:

  • VISA




When finalizing the order process, you are asked to enter your bank card number, the expiration date of the bank card as well as the last 3 digits of the visual cryptogram appearing on the back of the card. The amount is debited immediately upon order confirmation.

In the event of out of stock on certain items in the order or return of goods giving rise to a refund, the amount of the items concerned will be credited to your credit card as soon as possible.

By bank transfer or payment slip - Offline payment:


If you do not want to use online payment, you can send us your payment by e-banking or QR-Invoice. To do this, simply use the banking details below and pay within 30 days. We will ship as soon as we receive your payment.

Beneficiary: Domaine des Curiades Dupraz et fils SA
Address: Chem. des Curiades 49, 1233 Bernex
IBAN: CH02 0078 8000 0509 01344

If you reside in Switzerland only, you also have the option of using a payment slip (QR-Facture) which will be sent to you by mail, accompanied by an invoice. This option is only valid for Swiss residents.

A summary of your order will be sent to you by e-mail after validation of your order. The summary of your order and the invoice in PDF format are also available from your personal account.

Security :


We work withstripe AndKlarna, a payment provider specializing in e-commerce payment transactions that operates an efficient system for quickly making payments with all credit cards. With Klarna, you can pay with Postcard as well as with various customer cards, while benefiting from the highest transaction security.

All credit card payments go through a secure server. The information entered (in particular the card number and the expiry date) does not circulate “in the clear” on the Internet: it is encrypted during all exchanges by the SSL protocol which also automatically controls the validity of access rights during your payment by credit card. The presence of padlock-shaped pictograms allows you to ensure this when entering your bank details on the datatrans payment interface.

We thus guarantee the total confidentiality of your banking information and assure you that we never know or keep the information concerning your bank card. All employees also strictly comply with the data protection rules of Swiss banks.


Under no circumstances do we know or store your card number.

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